A thing about Bodies

A thing about bodies is they belong to the individuals they house and yet you might not know that looking at the laws of the state.

Another thing about bodies- They are all beautiful.

A thing about bodies is they change

They want to change, they MUST change. Bodies love flux, Make your life a little easier and simpler by learning to LOVE the fluctuations of your body.

A play in 7 acts

  1. I call some-Body and ask them to come over to rub my belly
  2. And they say why your belly? (Not when or I’ll be right over, notice.)
  3. And I explain, Because the more I love myself and wait on no lovers, the more my belly it grows. I eat when I want. I nest. I bake. I feel cozy. I want for you to touch me. I want to share this joy.
  4. The line is silent. Has some-Body hung up? Fallen asleep? Become too engrossed in rubbing their own rising belly (rising like the sun), to engage me?
  5. Hello? Are you still there?
  6. Yes. I will come over. I will rub your belly.
  7. How is 7?

Bodies need strength and ease.

Bodies need rest and movement.

Bodies need fantasy + tangible shared realities

Bodies need escape and presence.

Bodies need to be SEEN ACCEPTED and LOVED

Bodies need to be touched, Felt, Acknowledged

Bodies need to make noise and be quiet

Bodies need to feel the air and the land against them

Bodies need to be allowed to exist in all of their base, sacred, messy mystery.