Fire / Passion/Sapiosexual Sessions

Integrated + Embodied Sensuality

I am Passionate about Sex-Positive Education, Social, Gender, and Racial Justice, Art, Music, Poetry and Literature as well as Food Justice and living in harmony with our environment, more connected to our food and surroundings.

To this end I aim to live as simply as possible. For 2018, I have made an agreement with myself to be less of a consumer by buying less. I’m making exceptions for Lingerie, so worry not. I am bringing a new awareness and appreciation to the many joys in my life, bringing new joyful rituals in and cutting out the extraneous, busy-making ones.

I am also renovating my body temple by taking a year long break from alcohol, greatly reducing my sugar intake, working out regularly, drinking more water and snacking on veggies and fruits all day.

We are our own most brilliant works of Art, let’s honor ourselves by becoming more conscious and joyful about what we consume and where we put our money, time and attention.

I’m passionate about becoming more aware of all of my privilege and the tangible ways that I can use it for good, to make the world a more Fair, Loving, Free and Just place for everyone.

I’m passionate about Art. I went to school for Studio Art and have been creating Visual and Performance Art since I was a tiny human.

Currently my Artistic expression of choice is my Writing. I write short stories and  poetry, have two novels in progress and also love the liberating process of personal essay and creative non-fiction. Stay tuned for my Human Sexuality book for kids an adults, with illustrations. It will be available any day now.

If you’d like to talk about Health, Human rights + Justice or Art in or out of sessions, I am quite a stimulating muse, and enjoy deeply new amusements.

So, without further ado, for my Sapiosexuals out here,

Relationship Coaching/ Creative Consulting/ Passion Igniting/or just Hanging over tea, a show or a meal~ $105/hr plus the cost of the meal and or event

Commissioned Poems, Stories (Erotic or non), or Non-Fiction written musings~ $25/page $250/10 page story

PenPal Package/ Sweet Nothings-You receive one 1-2 page letter/week through snail mail, anointed in oils, scattered in affirmation and inspiration and sealed with an everlasting kiss, or, of course, email is an option~ $90/month

Email or call to request or receive more information on any of my Sapiosexual/Passion Services