My mother tells me that when I was young and dancing through a store somewhere, an old woman stopped and said,

That child truly has a gift of knowing how to enjoy this life.

And I do even now many years later pride myself on that, if nothing else, I value pleasure and enjoyment. Not just for myself but for all. I don't think pleasure, joy or enjoyment are privileges. I think they are inherent rights for all of us. I believe that a big part of my path and mission in this life is to use my voice, my body, my visions, my strength, humor and creativity to remind us all, sometimes myself too, that we are here to feel good. We deserve pleasure. We deserve joy, to be in joy and to enjoy. Not mindlessly, mindfully. Not in a self-destructive-consumerist-look-to-the-outside-for-the-answer-fix-or-pleasure-kind-of-way. In a remembrance that all we need is right here in our amazing, miraculous meat suits and always has been. This capacity for authenticity. This deep knowing of the power of the interconnectedness and cooperation in our nature. This unabashed bliss and pleasure that just wants to swim through every cell, shiver across our perfectly flawed skin, dance in our organs and light up our eyes, that we may see one another better. More clearly and honestly. Without blocking our own vision with blurry stories or dogma. That we may truly see, the miracles we all are. The miracles in our connections and overlap.

In true Aquarius fashion, I am spurred and stirred by a wide variety of intellectual, spiritual and entertainment interests and I reject the notion of favorites or hierarchy.

I am blessed to live a deeply integrated, well-rounded life. I hope to bring this juicy, joyful balance to each session we share. 

Trainings + Study

6+ Years of experience doing hands on Holistic Sensual Healing sessions, Sexual Shaman training level 1 & 2, Pelvic Heart Integration training, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Tantrika Bodywork and Reiki 1,2 + Reiki Master level/ Teacher training, Birth and Death Doula training Courses, Permaculture Design Consultant training, Studio Art undergraduate study & BA with a minor in Women's + Gender Studies, Several Writing classes and retreats, SECs; Planned Parenthood's Sexuality Education Cornerstone Seminar, SAR; Sexuality Attitude Reassessment at The Center For Sexual Pleasure and Health.

I am an Intensely present and Grounded Sprite, a Hedonist with a heart of gold, a gentle Iconoclast, a Sweet Freak.

A Witchy Woman, Wise and Youthful, Full of Humor and Reverence. 

My views on most things are unorthodox and non-conforming.

I believe there is common ground to be found amongst all humans, especially when we are centered in our Hearts.

I will meet you there, in our Heart-Centers. I'm the girl-next door and the other-worldly Goddess, Grounded in the here and now and also dancing, moving, visioning for the world we need. My work is Magic. My love is Magic. My hands, My heart are Magic. My Lips, My voice, My breath is Magic. Come Breathe with me.