About me

It’s Me! 

As an Artist and a Nurturer of a small human, plants, pets, social justice and the land, I bring a deeply compassionate and grounded presence to each session, a passion for life and conscious pleasure that you won’t soon forget.

Sensual, Sexually dynamic Healer.

I am…

a  forever-student, a writer, an avid-reader and an artist, a sensitive, strong soul, intuitive, warm, enthusiastic, soulful, fun, and adventurous, full of humor, ideas and lust for life

I love to connect with all kinds of people. Reveling in the places where we overlap.

I deeply believe in the value and importance of Sexual Healing work, the history of which can be traced back to the beginnings of humans being.

I’m honored and proud to hold a safe and discrete space for us to consensually explore our Erotic landscapes together and I believe, deep in my bones in the power and value of transformation and the connections between our internal worlds and the world at large.

Trainings + Study

10+ Years of experience doing hands on Holistic Sensual Healing sessions

Sexual Shaman training level 1 & 2

Pelvic Heart Integration training

2 Yoga Teacher Trainings

Tantrika Bodywork apprenticeship

Reiki 1,2 +3; Reiki Master level/ Teacher training

Birth and Death Doula trainings

Permaculture Design Consultant training

Studio Art undergraduate study & BA with a minor in Women’s/ Gender Studies

Several Writing classes and retreats

SECS; Planned Parenthood’s Sexuality Education Cornerstone Seminar

SAR; Sexuality Attitude Reassessment at The Center For Sexual Pleasure and Health.

I am currently a Graduate Student pursuing a Masters in Restorative Justice.

I am grateful for all of the healing and nuance and experience I have gained from studying the modalities of Reiki and Tantra, I have come back around a somatic health/healing/ecstasy practice that is more honest and authentic to my witchy soul and to this Irish-Slovenian_ German-English earthy incarnation I’m in. I am happy to have studied these modalities and at the end of the day it is of immense benefit to me to feel into where my gifts and offerings as a somatic sex-healer, sex educator and  intuitive faith-healer overlap and differ from these methods.

There is common ground to be found amongst all humans, especially when we are centered in our Hearts and attuned to the now.