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It’s Me! 

Sensual,Health-Minded,Emotional depth, Sexually dynamic, and Turned On.

I am a sensitive, strong soul.

Intuitive, Warm, Enthusiastic, Soulful, Fun…

Adventurous, Full of humor, ideas and lust for life.

I deeply believe in the value and importance of Sexual Healing work.

I am honestly honored and proud to hold a safe and discrete space for us to consensually explore our Erotic landscapes together.

I am a Writer, a Reader and an Artist. I feel deeply connected to this mountainous Desert land, to the night skies and the glorious sunsets.

Trainings + Study

8 Years of experience doing hands on Holistic Sensual Healing sessions

Sexual Shaman training level 1 & 2

Pelvic Heart Integration training

2 Yoga Teacher Trainings

Tantrika Bodywork aprenticeship

Reiki 1,2 + Reiki Master level/ Teacher training

Birth and Death Doula training Courses

Permaculture Design Consultant training

Studio Art undergraduate study & BA with a minor in Women’s/ Gender Studies

Several Writing classes and retreats

SECS; Planned Parenthood’s Sexuality Education Cornerstone Seminar

SAR; Sexuality Attitude Reassessment at The Center For Sexual Pleasure and Health.

All of that being said, I am currently at a place in my own healing and evolution where I am making the conscious decision to no longer center my practice in healing modalities which originate from non-white folks who have historically been marginalized or oppressed by white colonizers.

Meaning, while I am very grateful for all of the healing and nuance and experience I have gained from studying the modalities of Reiki and Tantra, I have developed a somatic health/healing/ecstasy practice that is more unique and authentic to my witchy soul. I am grateful to have studied these modalities and at the end of the day it is of great benefit to me to feel into where my gifts and offerings as a sex-positive, intuitive faith-healer overlap and differ from these methods.

I believe there is common ground to be found amongst all humans, especially when we are centered in our Hearts and attuned to the now.

As an Artist and a Nurturer of a small human, plants, pets and the land, I bring a deeply compassionate and grounded strength to each session, a passion for life and conscious pleasure that you won’t soon forget.