Magic is Real

My son wants for his movies and TV shows to be real

He asks me how they can be real, how to find magic in real life

I tell him it comes from connections

When we connect to nature, to the land on which we live

Or to our animal friends

Or to eachother

One person can and will always 

can and will make a difference

So just imagine what more than one, connected, unified can do

And what is magic anyway if not a change that once seemed impossible?

To affect this change, this complete transformation or alchemy with intention?



I don't do Sex Work I do Love Work

I use my hands, my body, my mind, my spirit, my breath and my heart in the work I do. 

I love your body; gently and firmly, tentative at times, my touch flowing like waves of an ocean over you. The points where our bodies meet, I infuse those junctions with love.

As we breathe together we are both soothed into a serene flow, a psycho-spiritual place where it's easier to collectively go.

There are tools I bring from past incarnations, tools set in my DNA from creator-Healers all the way back before we constructed time.

There are tools I've been gifted in this life.

And there is the warmth of sincere engagement.

I honor you, where ever you are at, as long as you are able to honor me. And by treating one another as the divine, perfect angels that we are, by looking on one another with the moon-glow-eyes of love, even for just an hour or two, we honor ourselves. We honor the true deeper reality of universal law that all is LOVE.

That these bodies are but vessels for GOD (Good Orderly Direction).

And these words are but reaching for GOD (Good Orderly Direction).

So, because the word Sex is too loaded and not quite accurate, and Love is just loaded enough and points at least closer to the general location of the magic space we inhabit in this work, I'm giving myself a new title.

I am a Love Worker. And Love Work is Real Work.

Accuracy in the words we use is important if we want to understand one another.

Understanding is important if we want to deeply connect.

Deep connection is important is we want to heal, to expand and transform.

Love is the path, the vehicle and the fuel.

The destinations are infinite.



I'm a true Switch and this week my Femme-Dom aspects, especially around intake, are shining Bright.

I get so fed up sometimes.

I know it's not all men.

But this socialization of underdeveloped communicators, of treating me like I'm a drive through window and you're hungry and drunk af, it's unaccaeptable. 

It's not everyone. I am so lucky and grateful to have loads of sweet, communicative, lovely, respectful, concise and to the point clients who have done their research and reach out ready to have a coherent conversation and set up a session.

Some weeks though, especially at the end of my moon cycle and as the moon is growing, my work phone messages, IG messages and email just read like an irritating ass-hat parade.


I'm not going to hold back here. It can be tiring to do intake. I'm mostly dealing with men who haven't been taught how to treat a sensual healer. And it seems they haven't thought critically about it because if they did they might come to the conclusion that we are human and enjoy being treated as such, with respect and consideration.

In other words, a DM in my inbox that says, Hey Cunt, makes me sad for you and the time we both wasted in that non-interaction.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that everyone who reaches out is desiring some form of connection. Whether it is just to play this little cat and mouse game of asking me questions that you could easily find right here on my website (Is that flirting!? Is that what that is??) or to actually schedule a time to come in and connect in the flesh. Either way, here are a few pointers.

First of all if it's games you want, I've got games. Let's choose some better ones than you not checking out my site before you reach out. Look into what I offer, look at the rates and even learn a bit about me if you're interested. Then reach out when you're ready to book. We can play some titalating games in person, once you arrive ;)

When you reach out please introduce yourself first. Tell me what you want me to call you. It's just polite. Next, in as close to a full sentence as possible, tell me what you are texting/calling about. You'd like to know my availability for the day? Wondering if I offer P-spot massage? Do I have an opening next week?

Please feel free to share where you are at emotionally/mentally/physically/spiritually as you are reaching out to book. All the levels are involved so it is relevant.

Also, be ready if you are new to me, to undergo a swift and painless screening process. I'll need to speak with a practitioner you've seen before to get a reference. I'll also need a link to their ad and website. I'll need to ask you a few easy intake questions and we can be on our way to Bliss-Land.

The whole thing can be fun and easy when you drop the shame/weirdness/creepy-feeling you have around sexuality and the open sharing of it.

We're just humans. Doing our best. Right?

Show me. 


Listen to your hungers and your fears, to your feet, your gut and your mind.

Don't forget to open your door and step outside.

Listen to the marching band, some happy couple's post-wedding. You can't listen to everything at once. If you try it may get too loud, may cause your head to ache.

Then go within.

Again begin from silence

Maybe just the low hum of the refrigerator, the heat, a  large truck rumbling by, let the muffle lull you

Back to yourself.

And when you've rested up

And when you come to union or to relate. Sit/Stand/Lean in your power and listen to your queen.


The hands have a mind of their own

I've been working on bodies, with bodies and for bodies for a bit and my hands have grown wise. My hands have developed a sixth and maybe even a seventh sense. 

I deeply enjoy our intake before a session. Have some water or tea or coffee. Tell me what you want and what you need. What has brought you to me.

And regardless of the words you say, my hands know the way.

I respect the body as a force of nature, a complex system of past experiences and future potential. And of course, the exhilarating present perfection. Our bodies, every body, whether someone has told you it is ugly, bad, too fat, too pale, too black, too hairy, too skinny, too-whatever, our bodies, all of them are miraculous. I mean, really.

Think of all they hold and all they do. All of the Automatic systems that regulate health and work, tirelessly toward healing. 

So, Yes the hands have a mind of their own, and the body, aside from the mind it houses, has a supreme intelligence all it's own as well.

And when we touch, they converse. We both alchemize.

Don't you just love alchemy?