The hands have a mind of their own

I’ve been working on bodies, with bodies and for bodies for a bit and my hands have grown wise. My hands have developed a sixth and maybe even a seventh sense.

I deeply enjoy our intake before a session. Have some water or tea or coffee. Tell me what you want and what you need. What has brought you to me.

And regardless of the words you say, my hands know the way.

I respect the body as a force of nature, a complex system of past experiences and future potential. And of course, the exhilarating present perfection. Our bodies, every body, whether someone has told you it is ugly, bad, too fat, too pale, too black, too hairy, too skinny, too-whatever, our bodies, all of them are miraculous. I mean, really.

Think of all they hold and all they do. All of the Automatic systems that regulate health and work, tirelessly toward healing.

So, Yes the hands have a mind of their own, and the body, aside from the mind it houses, has a supreme intelligence all it’s own as well.

And when we touch, they converse. We both alchemize.

Don’t you just love alchemy?