I don’t do Sex Work I do Love Work

I use my hands, my body, my mind, my spirit, my breath and my heart in the work I do.

I love your body; gently and firmly, tentative at times, my touch flowing like waves of an ocean over you. The points where our bodies meet, I infuse those junctions with love.

As we breathe together we are both soothed into a serene flow, a psycho-spiritual place where it’s easier to collectively go.

There are tools I bring from past incarnations, tools set in my DNA from creator-Healers all the way back before we constructed time.

There are tools I’ve been gifted in this life.

And there is the warmth of sincere engagement.

I honor you, where ever you are at, as long as you are able to honor me. And by treating one another as the divine, perfect angels that we are, by looking on one another with the moon-glow-eyes of love, even for just an hour or two, we honor ourselves. We honor the true deeper reality of universal law that all is LOVE.

That these bodies are but vessels for GOD (Good Orderly Direction).

And these words are but reaching for GOD (Good Orderly Direction).

So, because the word Sex is too loaded and not quite accurate, and Love is just loaded enough and points at least closer to the general location of the magic space we inhabit in this work, I’m giving myself a new title.

I am a Love Worker. And Love Work is Real Work.

Accuracy in the words we use is important if we want to understand one another.

Understanding is important if we want to deeply connect.

Deep connection is important is we want to heal, to expand and transform.

Love is the path, the vehicle and the fuel.

The destinations are infinite.