Quantum Leap or The Pretender anyone? All the Jobs I’ve had.

Both of those were TV shows, wherein the main character would take on different identities in each episode.

I feel this way about my work life when I look back.

This has been my life as a spy…or perhaps a divinely schizophrenic butterfly, transformed then reborn many times.

I’ve been working since 15 so it’s been 21 years.

Here’s a short-long list

Babysitter, Fast Food Worker, Bagel Shop Cashier, New Age shop at the mall, Skateboarding shop at the mall, Camp Counselor at Jewish Summer Camp, Direct Care provider in Group homes for disabled adults, falafel shop, cafe, several retail clothing stores, Yoga Teacher, Call Center for nutrition school, small business owner-Dandelion coffee, Reiki Practitioner, Farm and Flea market founder/organizer, Farm worker, Wheatgrass stand worker at the farmers market, Dungeon Switch, Bread stand at the farmer’s market, Jizz mopper and cashier at porn shop and video arcade, Live girl in Midtown kink store, Cashier at Head shop/sex novelty store, stripper, sales associate at a bookstore