Where I’m at from May 1- June 1st, 2020

Hello lovely clients/lovers/benefactors/sweet and sensual mates on this creative and exploratory path!

I sit here on my comfy bed, in my comfy clogs (that my mom just sent!) with a fan blowing on me as the hot Arizona sun shines through the window, bouncing off the mountains and Acacia trees to reach me.

There is a lot to be grateful for in this unprecedented moment of historical significance.

I am grateful for you; if you’re reading this you are on my list. Thanks for taking the time to connect and be curious.

I am so grateful that since 2012, I guess if we count stripping and working in dance booths, and that stint in the dungeon in K-town; since 2004 (!#!?) so really for like SIXTEEN YEARS I have had the gift and blessing of being able to use my body and mind in the interest of Sex-Art, Sex-play, Sex-Healing, Sexuality Coaching, Sex-performance and to develop deeply intimate and transformative connections along the way.

I miss my work! It is fun though, to connect virtually, to delve into my writing, a big forever passion of mine, to help to keep your creative and lustful needs satiated during this time. I’m also enjoying creating fun photoshoots and other offerings.

The Stay at home order has been extended in Arizona to May 15th, especially because of school closures which means that my child is home with me 24/7, I’ll be unavailable for in person sessions until May 15th or June 1st, I’m still deciding on my exact date of return.

I know that many of you have been anxious to get some healing touch, to revel in the whole multi-sensory experience of an in person visit and believe me I am too and I thank you for your patience and your desire!

In the meantime to keep us connected, happy and JUICY, here are some current offerings. Without further ado,

***My Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder Offerings ***

Photosets– $25 for 10-12 pics. U pick from the following themes or we can negotiate a theme…share your ideas with me!

Photo sets

  • Naughty Nerd
  • Yoga/meditation/New age slut
  • Lounging around
  • Me n my dildos!
  • Musical Gal
  • Surprise/Mystery Pack

Cashapp your payment here @ $charliedesertqueen

Text your order here 504-315-two three 69

Audio Files– $5/minute of recorded sexy chat or reading from a non fiction or fiction book or erotica. Add this option on to an original Erotica Story or letters written by your’s truly and have my writings delivered to you in my sexy voice.

Cashapp your payment here @ $charliedesertqueen

Text your order here 504-315-two three 69

Writing, Erotica, Love/Lust Letters– $90 for 1 emailed or handwritten (1-2 page) letter/ poetry or story installment per week, to equal 4 installments.

Are you a slut for the written word like me? I write original commissioned pieces in the form of a short story, poetry or love letters. The writing can be as hot and lustful or as platonic as you desire.

I’m a published writer and I’ve taken writing workshops, classes and retreats for many years.

You are in good hands.

Whether you have a specific theme in mind or if you simply like to read and want me to surprise you with something just for you, I absolutely love connecting with you through this medium! Thanks for your consideration.

Cashapp your payment here @ $charliedesertqueen

Text your order here 504-315-two three 69

Dancing Queen– Music Video Option- $20 per custom video

You choose the song or let me choose. I love to dance! I need more dance in my life! Make me dance, for you damnit! Do you have a favorite song you’d like to see me shake my hips/ass/tits to? Would you prefer that I choose? Whatever your pleasure…Dancing is an act of joy and connecting to the wild spirit within.

Cashapp your payment here @ $charliedesertqueen

Text your order here 504-315-two three 69

Sexting or text chatting– $2/min Does not include photos. I’m down to get as nasty/nice as you like. Lets Chat!

And that’s all for now…I look forward to hearing from you about your hearts desires.