There are so many ways to Cherish me...So many ways for me to cherish you, and I do, I really do.

As for me, Let me count the ways,

1. These Frye Booties Please Please Please then lets go dancing or ride our bikes to the river or a park for a picnic xoxxx--  

2. Flowers and/or Houseplants. I love Flowers + all plants. Please buy them from a local nursery or garden store +  Bring em on over to me when you come for a session.

 3. Books. I like Social Justice Books, Gender Studies and Sex-Positive Education books, Books by Sex Workers about Sex Work, Erotica, Flash Fiction Books, Sci-Fi, Zines (bring me all of the zines!) Quantum Healing, Holistic Health and healing Books, Tantra Books. Local Independent bookstores are the best.

4. Lingerie, underwear, size small, or, Gift Certificates for lingerie shops are such a sweet and thoughtful gift.

4. Gift Certificates to Southwest Airlines.

5. If you're feeling really boundlessly generous, a Prius with under 30,000 miles on it ;) Thank you! I love you.