Prioritize Your Sensual Wellness

Take an empowered step toward your own Erotic Awakening

Reawaken to this Sensual Life. Come and see me.

I am currently only able to accommodate ADVANCE BOOKINGS. This means screening and making your appointment at least 48 hrs in advance. Thank you for respecting my time.

I deeply enjoy working with all Genders/Races/Ethnicities/ability levels. If you are over 21, Respectful and in need of a reminder of the sacred beauty  of your sensual self.

Sensual Somatic Exploration Rates

1 hr   $220

1.5 hr $300

2 hr   $430

All Sensual Somatic Sessions include full-body intuitive body work, Energetic connection and clearing, Aromatherapy, Heart to Heart Connection, Guided Meditation and an emphasis on Breath-work. I am always happy to tailor our session to your unique needs. Let me know in our intake, what do you need? What do you like?

 Courtesan Caretaker Sessions (Currently only available to Repeat Clients)

Does your sensual world require a more thorough tending to?

Ready to rendezvous on a deeper, more intimate level?

Are you ready to step into your embodied vitality and power as a co-creator in a playful erotic adventure with me?

Perhaps you are a candidate for the Courtesan Caretaker experience. 

Courtesan Caretaker Rates (for repeat clients only)

1 hr $420

1.5 hr $640

2 hr  $800

3 hr $1100

4 hr $1400

Day long date 5-6 hrs- $1800 + meals + outings

Overnight (8-10hrs) $3400

All rates are compensation for my time.


Please know that if you reach out asking for a same day booking I will most likely not respond, as I have taken the time to make it clear in my ads and here that I’m not available for same day appointments. 

Text me with Your Screening and Intake info as well as preferred appointment days and times.

(916) 347-7205

Thank you.



Do you have a provider reference? If yes, please send me the name, contact info and website or link to ad of a provider who you’ve seen. 

If no, Identification Verification also works for screening:

Please send TWO of your choice of the following;

  • a picture of your photo Identification
  •  Employment Verification information (business card, link to website featuring your name and picture)
  • LinkedIn, Twitter Instagram, Facebook or other active social media presence (must be an active page with a picture).


Where did you see my Ad/hear about me?

Do you have experience(s) you think are applicable and would like to share?

Do you have any physical or emotional injuries, aches or pains?

Would you like to set an intention for our session?


(916) 347-7205

Cancellation Policy

As a pleasure-professional I prepare my self, space and schedule with care and pride for our meeting.  I understand that life comes up and you may have to cancel, If you do have to cancel or reschedule, please make sure to do it within twenty-four hours of our appointment. 

Cancelling our appointment with less than twenty four hrs notice requires a payment of one quarter of the session rate and can be paid via cash app 

Thank you for your consideration.