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Prioritize Your Sensual Wellness

Take an empowered step toward your own Erotic Awakening

Reawaken to this Sensual Life. Come and see me.

My current schedule is Monday – Friday 9:00am-2:30pm in Tucson, Arizona. 

I understand that your commitments may interfere with our schedules overlapping in my available hours. I am happy to work with you outside of the above stated availability, with 1-2 days advance booking.

I deeply enjoy working with all Genders/Races/Ethnicities. If you are over 21, Respectful and in need of a reminder of the beauty and perfection of your physical, call me.

Sensual Somatic Adventure Rates


1 hr   $200

1.5 hr $280

2 hr   $400


1hr- $250

1.5 hr- $310

2hrs- $510

All Sessions include full body work, Energetic connection and clearing, Aromatherapy, Heart to Heart Connection, Guided Meditation and an emphasis on Breath-work. I am always happy to tailor our session to your unique needs. Let me know in our intake, what do you need? What do you like?

Courtesan/Sensual Caretaker Rates


1 hr $500

1.5 hr $750

2 hr  $1000


1 hr $600

1.5 hr $900

2 hr $1200

Does your sensual world require a more thorough tending to?

Ready to rendezvous on a deeper, more intimate level?

Perhaps you are a candidate for the Courtesan Caretaker experience. This is a graduate level course which requires that we have first seen one another for the beginner level course; Sensual Somatic Adventure.

It is important that we give ourselves that first session as a chemistry-check in and also an opportunity to get to know one another and gently wade into the sweet waters before deciding to take our plunge, fully conscious and consensually, hand in hand,  to the next level.

All rates are compensation for the time I’m taking away from my son, my doggy and my writing.


I appreciate you showing your consideration of my time by booking as much in advance as possible.

Please email me with Your Screening and Intake info as well as preferred appointment days and times.

Thank you.


Do you have a provider reference? If yes, please send me the name, contact info and website or link to ad of a provider who has seen you. 

If no, Identification Verification also works for screening:

Please send a picture of your photo ID, Employment Verification information or send me your LinkedIn or other active social media presence.


Where did you see my Ad/hear about me?

Do you have experience(s) you think are applicable and would like to share?

Do you have any physical or emotional injuries, aches or pains?

Would you like to set an intention for our session?